Wednesday, 21 November 2007

( New Achievement)

salam All
well as i came off work for few days we decided to have a go to refit a new carpet,and as i promised i will post about it ,and how things went good and bad ,shocking finding as we went along to remove the old carpet,and the hard work we done, removing all the furniture around to be ready for the carpet fitters to do the job quickly .it took us two good days .and the cleaning and sweeping ,what a fun we had, one of those funny things happened was found allot of wires lying around and it was like booby traps connected to the old security alarm system as if u walk into the up stairs the alarm will activate wooooooooow, that's why i was wondering why it was a switch close to my bed,now i know why,so we trace all the old wires and start dismantling them,suddenly we realised if we do then the whole new security alarm system will come halt, as we already cut the sensor to the front door stupid took a long time to fit a new wire as we took of from rite the end,then we try to test the system a gain as its takes 30 second to rest, no thing happened, we stood there like the blind leading the blind ,loosing hope,we decide to have a coffee and stop arguing whose at fault,then we said we forget some thing to do.we should open the door,set the alarm and then it will work,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.we just lough ed.
on Saturday the guys came and fit the new carpet,we celebrate by me cooking for my mate Adnan and watching football ,Italy and Scotland, i have posted the pics before and after the chaos,hope u all enjoy it


Sunday, 11 November 2007

( Is it the mercy of allah.or another day to live)

well its been a while since a posted some thing, busy with work and allot on my plat.
today i thought i well post some thing along the memory lane,
once i flow from abudhabi to Aden in ( Yemen) to do with work.i flow with the Yemenis air line a very old plane and not even clean in side.
as we where approaching the air port and ready to land it star to shake ,i had a prayer and said here we go.i never thought there the worst waiting to happen
as we touched down safely we all star to walk towards the immigration who they are setting in a wooden hut.suddenly it was a total black out in the airport and all the soldiers disperse,with all their guns the first thing came to my mind was a it was a total darkness it was me a Libyan , and two other guys one from USA and the other German.was panic all over the place, so i said to the two guys lets just hide in side the hut as if there is gonna be firing they will aim high,we where shaken and petrifying,then out of the blue the electricity came back,thank god,
as every body else movements in the go.we came out of hiding pale faces, stood in line for the immigration officer, what i noticed about his mouth was a ma zing so swollen i thought it was an deficiency, then most of the other sold ires look the same.then i found out what it was is they restored this kind of drug for days called(قات(ghat to give them extra energy and be a wake most times,
as they stamped my passport.they asked me to help them go through the back listed index to find out of those two guys are wanted wooooooow i was so scared to do so. they said Ur Libyan we trust u,luckily the two guys where clear .we all went to the hotel to rest after the shock,we had a lough.
but what would happen if the black out went while we are landing. only Allah knows that.
i find out not only men store the ghat women's to,they said it gives them extra drive specially for married once, good idea to spend the honeymoon in garden Aden
the place was full of Ravens birds which i hate.
but the funny thing and how as a Libyan been trusted while i was there i went with a friend to have his photo taken, and the guy said to me i know u? i said what he said we have Ur photo here, how come, surprise to me the Yemenis secret police have copied my passport photo, thanx for the trust,i said prove it, and yes it was my photo
i just can not wait to be out of Aden so quick.
then he tried to bribe be to eat habhab( watermelon)as they call it
AM very thank full to allah and his mercy, maybe it was awake up call for me
sorry its been along post,hope u all enjoy it.
Sal am

Saturday, 10 November 2007

A strong cup of coffee

Awarded by
adnan to dtd

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

( happy eid to all )

Salaam to all

i would like to wish you all a very happy Eid , hope it will bring us happiness and cheer.
iam very thankful for ur support and inspiration u have given me during the month of Ramadan , u made me feel so close to home,
the reason i am posting this early as i am back to work tomorrow ,i will be missing sharing the smiles of eid wt u,
please do not forget me of Ur assida or fathiraa, as i do love assida allot ha ha,
best wishes to all.


Monday, 1 October 2007

( The headache is over)

salam all ,

well as i promised i will up date regarding the work i been doing lately decorating my bath room which took me few days to finish,and spending late nit es ,i think i have achieved most of it , i would like to pay great respect to my soul mate libyan hero he really was great, we spent funny times arguing most days ,while fasting and sweating to, but comes Aftar the story changed happy faces a gain smiles do last long ha ha .tonight after Aftar we decided its gonna be the grand opening,we just finished now thank Anglo libyan ordered me to up date, so hey we are.
i would like u all to share my only EID present ,
i have attached pics b4 completed and after been done
do u think we have passed the test.

Monday, 24 September 2007

( My sister stole My life)

While i was in scotland last time i came a cross this true story of two sisters who been grow up together, and came from a very respected family and up bringing, Linda the hard working wife and happly married,and Elaine who had broken marriege and alot of relationships.Elaine bought nine cars.five mobile fones,Plasma tvs-four-bedroom house all in her sister name , even her sister was strugling to have chilldern.all of this she stole her sister indentity, even her medical record so she can get a job at local care home, as she should not have with her criminal records,
all his cheating came by surprise to Linda as her sister missed one of the payments on a credit card. the four bed romms house was 250000 pound mortgage,
when Linda rung the credit company the wall start to crumbling down.and the worst could even by thretend Lind job as an accounting and her Licence suspended.and all family ruined by all this,and when Linda went to the Police been told her sister crime was not accually iLLegal.Linda has to wait six years for her credit rating to be cleard.even she never spent any of that money on her self,
looking to this sad story iwas wondering is it jeaously. hatred.revenge,envious specialy when its ur flesh and blood. i do not know if its ever happen to me for bidden.what i would react?????

Friday, 21 September 2007

MY Break of fasting today

hello all today i have been invited by my libyan family to share the aftar all together, me and my soul mate after Friday prayer ,we went to my house to see what we can come up with regarding wall papers or painting my bath,yesterday i was full of energy got up at 10 and straight away starting stripping the bath room ,do not ask me why maybe i was frustrated and want to get my anger off.i did not stop till about 5 in the evening got the job done fist stage ,i will post the pics soon b4 and was relay a hard work ,then i got down to cook aftar to,
my mate was so shocked how hard i worked,
then we drove to my libyan family house where the kids where waiting and laughing at us they think we where mahashasheen ....
we did break our fasting as u can see from the pics wt lovely food ,
so what do u think of my libyan family cooking???
happy Aftar to all

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Sunday, 19 August 2007

( My new neighbours)

maybe it sound funny, writing this post regarding my new neighbours,
on Friday evening I was at home watching TV and chilling out suddenly it was this nock on the front door ,I opened the door and it was this two smartly dressed couples ,they introduced them selves as Paul and Rebecca and said they are the new neighbours next door. they are already done their home work about me, god help me
so I have invited them in for a coffee and chat. We had great Lough, they knew the street is very quite .surprise to me her partner is a huge giant so polite to. He is from down under (Australia) as we talked a long I find out that he is a very famous rugby player wooooooooooow.
And his partner Rebecca works at Halifax building society smart beauty, and gorgeous .
Surprise surprise to my self that her sister works in the same company as I do.
That made me to be very careful ,to keep the peace and watch my behaviour ,I thought that I still live in libya as we all do know one a another ,LOL
I think i am gonna be brought down to ground with a nasty rugby tackle from paul. And a heavy bank charged from Rebecca
So I have to keep quite and become a rugby supporter and a Halifax promoter ………..
Do not feel sorry for me, just support me if I need help,

Tuesday, 14 August 2007



ارايت سوسه والاصيل يلفها
فى حلة نسجت من الاضواء
فا اما انا فلقد اخت بسحرها
لما جلست هناك ذات مساء

Thou Sousa and the inherent enveloped
Weaving in a shape of the spotlight
So I either I have been taken by her charm
As I sat there the same evening

As the times touch your mind and try to bring u back to your destiny and the happy wonderful days .and the memories I spent with family and friends .in the past few years .
One of those beautiful places in eastern libya.i felt so much in love with where sousa.shahat.and ras el hillal. And the dernna falls.
Swimming, fishing. Camping and Sight scene of the amazing nature.
So peaceful and refreshing. While collecting fresh strawberry
I really missed it this summer not to be a part of it,
I love to share with u few pics, hope u do enjoy it,

Thursday, 9 August 2007

!! One of my favourite nights!!

I do not know how to start this ,but it came to my thoughts lately things had happened in my life and made me to remember and stayed in my mind for as longer as I live,

It started when I was younger and been naughty ,once I went to see a movie with my cousin ,with out asking my late dad known deep down that he will not prove of if I remember rightly it was some times around January and it was so cold in libya ,so I was late coming home and my late dad went out looking for me he saw one of my mates and asked him if he seen me?
Of course he told him the truth, poor me!!!!!
Dad went home with out saying nothing to the family and start planning his next move to teach me a lesson, so poor me came home smiling and thinking I was clever, as we went in the house I saw mum and all family disappearing out of sight , I could see his eye balls coming out, he asked me where have I been? I said we been playing football. Wooooooooow
He said football as Libyan father in mad mood.
Suddenly he jumped on my trout .i lost breathing at once my cousin did a runner ,he throw me in side a dark room like a dead chicken , guess what was there waiting for me ? The biggest libayn ram ( kabash) it was for the Eid al adhaa. Cold room no cover what so ever, I was petrified, so I thought the only way to keep warm is to keep holding the ram, but he was running none stop and me running after him to get hold of him , in the end I made it and just Cornered him .and we felt sorry for each other and gone to sleep.
Surprise to me mad ordered my mum to get me out at around 6 in the morning, at last the prisoner been freed ,
But it did shake me and thought me a hard lesson in life, as parents’ u never be smart to them. As they been there and wore the shirt,
Do u all think I do deserve this nite to remember punishment?

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

(The famous bull)

for the last three months I have been keeping a close eye and following

The news about this funny story about how much fuss it has been made regarding this shambo-lic. It took 30 police men. To take the peace-loving hindus bull away..
It involves the officials and the stand on monks to end the drama. And take the infected shambo away for execution. . And this bull is got TB.
How come those peoples do worship and can have a faith in this animal?
They even got him a special webcam.
And the funny side one of those monks saying good by shambo and come back as human next time ,while this sham-bulls story was going on I got close friend of mine start calling him shambo .that’s did not go very well and he most upset. So to cheer him up. After the bull been slaughtered. I start calling him stud now, and his wife loved the new nick name stud.
To make it even laughingstock, it cost the legal battle more then 150.000 pound.
Why do not u just respect the law of the land

Thursday, 12 July 2007

( The headache of the salesman)

I would like to start my first blog , by some thing relay doing my head in.
for the past few months i have been having allot of door to door salesman driving me mad and i nearly about to lose my patience, they all stand in the front door with a flashy ID .and none stop talking about some thing they try to sell or promote,and that's me standing listing to those idiots for a long time..and in the end i just say no thank you.then they get so upset and irritated,
even i got a sign on the window to state no (canvassers). when i do not open the door they knock on the window , and if no pleasure they knock on the door,
when u just came home to relax and chill.
it came into my mind this crazy idea of fitting a talking parking meter out side the front door.which if u like to sell or talk u must put money in the talking meter.
do you think that will solve my headache?and will deterrent them.
do not take the mick ladies and gents . i am a beginner.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

hi all

i just been trying hard to creat my blog. i must admit iam new to it, pls take easy on me ha ha,