Thursday, 17 January 2008

( if it was you ,how would you have reacted?)

Marcus agius


i came cross this article .which i found rather very hard to swallow. and believe to happen,in such cheekiest ID theft ,
this crook gets a credit card in the Barclay's chief , and chairman,s name
he scammed the chairman,s out of 10000 pound ,by posting as the bank,s chairman.
in such an easy way ,he must be so sure of him self, he rung the call centre and has convinced the staff he was their boss Marcus Agius, surprise to him self , he order a new credit card to sent out, and went to a Barclay's branch and used it to withdraw 10000 pound.,how embarrassment it could be,
its remind me when Anglo-LY wrote about call centres, you are lucky Anglo it was not you.....
with all the security,issue ,and procedures, to fallow mistakes still can be made, but this one is a big mistake , or some body in the call centre who hates the chairman ha ha and try to get even ,
just wonder if this scam happened to a normal customer will they repaid the money straight away? as the chairman got his 10000 pound back in the same day.
so if you so rich be aware not to be a victim of a cheeky crook.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Goodbye 007 Hello 008

salam all

well iam back a gain sorry for not been up to the challenge ,
the 007 has passed , and now 008 started ,it was ups and down like every body else, but in general 007 was better then 006,
iam going to post about my xmas dinner and the new year party,
in xmas day i have been invited to a close family friend ,Marco and tracy who i have known for a while quite great family they have two lovely polite kids Amelia and Ben i went there about 1330 as i was working the day before, was all beautiful set up and as a respect for me was no pork or ham, what it was the biggest chicken i have never seen over 4kg ,it was there tracys mum and dad Allan and jane ,after we changed some xmas presents and cards ,we all set at the table and feed the empty stomachs, the cake was a home made for after tracys mums touches, well done jane,
as every xmas the queen has to give a speech at 330 pm , so i said to marco and tracy iam gonna play a game on Amelia ,they liked my idea, i said to Amelia if u set quite and listlen to her majesty the queen u might get a text messege frm her who knows , there she goes poor Amelia setting so quite and glowing into the TV listlening to every word and we have to keep quite all of us, after the queens speech finished here i go and texting Amelia mobile to say( hello Amelia this her majesty the queen i like to thank you for having the patience and listlening to me i wish you a very happy christmas )
u should see Amelia face was so bright and she run to her bed room telling her friends about the queens message to her, she will not tell us about it , we where in tears laughing.
then we played games ,had great times ,just i have to go back home as i was working next day, after two days Amelia find out the truth she realy hated me for that .but now where friends a gain
in the new year eve marco planned to take all the family to the caravan sight near the beach what acold nite ,so a gain all family went ,as they own two caravans in the sight, was alot of peoples food every where drinks u name it, disco ,the kids love it as it was peaceful place and safe to,at mid nite here the flares goes crackers lightings ,was so relaxing and fun, we all stayed up late.thats how i spent my holiday seasons
and a bout my new job which i started dec 007 , so far so good alhumdullah a lot of challeng, but i need fresh start , hope we all have a very happy 008 year and be healthy and safe ,