Saturday, 30 August 2008

( Malik birthday and wedding up date)

Salam all,

First I wish u all a Ramadan mobaark, its has been a while since I up dated a post .well day it was Adnan’s son malik 7th birthday , we had a surprise for him , a cake presents . and a day out with his mates to the cinema ,and then we took him out for a big meal ,a happy day for all family , the weather was great and sunny , me and Adnan we spent the day in town waiting for them , yes we did treat our selves as well, and we had good laugh .and the day was full of smiles . the kids now ready for school next week ,
Well about me and my big wedding day here we go, I arrived to Libya on the 12th of July with KLM, was great flight we arrived afternoon to Tripoli airport it was really hot ,it did hit me right on the face ,it was 45c I think, humidity was high too , the fatha was on the 14h July so I had 2 days to get the medical certificate for the fatha (HBS AG AND HIV-HCV with out it no the wedding contract will not take place or even be registered ,so I had to be up early on the 13th and taken to central hospital for blood samples .we went there and had it done .then be told result it will take week,wooooooooow as they are short of testing materials .what can I do now as all been arranged for that day 14th ,and the we had an idea we asked the mazoon if he will accept another place for test ,but he said no no, and my brother in law came to the rescue how about the Aviation and submarine centre at (amiteegha base) he said ok. We had to run and we know sompe great peoples there they rush me for injection so now I had my both arms been injected no blood left, I hold my wife responsible for that ,we got the second result on the evening thanks allah and the first one the centre blood hospital I found out my sister knows the wife of the manager there she rung her and explained all ,I been told it will be ready at noon to pick it up , so I got two clean results just in case one goes wrong . I will be ready to produce the right one ha ha
So u can see how did I struggled from the first day, as I can not re arrange every thing all my family in Tripoli the wedding reception been booked on the 19th so its all go go, alhamdullah all went ok in the end , the wedding was great fun every body was having great times adnan’s family where there to , they all try to take the Mickey out of me ,but I was having more fun then them . dancing singing and the surprise was the singing group was from Benghazi ,
Then we spent our first 3 days in the most beautiful hotel called( ancient zumit hotel ) in the old city town then we flown to Benghazi for 5 days to have another party and see friends and the rest of the family, places too.
We went to the British embassy to apply for my wife visa , all in order a part of the new catch 22 ( the henna) it must be wear off before she can be given the settlement visa . we used every think u can think of to get off , no way poor wife hands become an experiment for all kind of removal chemical do not work ,so I was so upset and left to be home alone as I have to go back to work soon, but that’s the fun of marriage and life
Well then after a week all was ok and she got the visa in two days, booked the flight on the 4th step as I said she can spend the first few days of Ramadan with her family , and sort her self out regarding work and other things .
I can smile now a gain on Thursday inshallah ,and hope we will spend the rest of our lives happy everafter,.the first Ramadan cooking gonna be my turned as surprise to the new pride, I wish u all from my wife and me a very peaceful Ramadan.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

(Few days into entering The Golden Cage )

salam all ,

well things been going as planned ,regarding the wedding , the most headache is over which is the shopping and the list to go with it, just kept coming on and on ,every day is more to add, i was going crazy as work was getting on top of me to, i finished work on 09.07 to get ready and get things on prospective .house to be cleaned , car to be looked after, out standing bills to be paid ,wedding suits to be bought, family presents to, my dearest wife special needs . crystal flowers to pick up .

so today it was the last day of shopping .me and Adnan we had enough we just arguing all times , so i bought two wedding suits just in case , what i did get from Adnan is that iam marrying two wives ha ha nice one dream on matey,

so in the end we went back to my house and we decided to have all healthy food. sea foods and nice tasty salad , to celebrate Adnan's good news that his blood pressure been high , but now it's back to normal level alhamdullah , maybe because he is gonna miss me for a while ha has, or he is saying good riddance DTD ,

i have already flew my mother last week to be in Tripoli and the rest of the family will follow . i will fly on Saturday inshallah ,

i thank you all my dearest blogger for your highly appreciated support,

i will up date with my wife when we get back inshallah

take care all . i will think of u all on my big happy day,

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

( The flight Booked ,and the Pride a waiting Anxiously)

Salam all
well you all hold your breath , and have a cold drink on me, open your eyes wide,and pray for me,the times has come ,and the counting down has began
yes its my big day soon it will be .the dusk till dawn going to tie the knot and kiss good bye to the single life ,what have i done ha ha
as you can see and how so kind and patient u been,
July here we come ,my future wife and i we got on really well, my family and her family knows each other quite well and goes back to,
lately i was busy with sopping shopping the pride orders never stop poor me and Adnan's i was in six's and seven's my head spinning like a ball,with Adnan's help and his wife to. we over come a lot of problems ,at last we got there in the end
just how happy we all will be in the big day, the most happy peoples will my mother and my wife mother to , my mum was a waiting for this happy day for a long time to see me caged up no way out.
all my family will be coming from Benghazi to Tripoli to be with us and share our happy moments and nit es , so Adnan's family who live in Tripoli will be there to take the mick and up date Adnan's live ha ha i am looking forward to our day , i shall have fun to why not,
its really great when u have a close friend to give u advice and be behind u as adnan's and family did,
we both lately having fun and i am saying what have i done?
Adnan's just laughing his way through and taken sweet revenge every day,he give me some few hints how life will be. ha ha
the suitcase is full and ready next time when i come of work got few days to sort the house out then flying away to the huge happy big day,
just wish my wife will get the visa in time so we can plan our mysterious honey moooooooooooooooon
me and my wife we got a lot in common , respect and share allot in life as ima not that type to live a grumpy life . i love happiness so let it be our destiny
so all my family blogger i need ur prayers and advice ,and thanx for Ur great support.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

( a family day outing )

Ahllan All

last week the weather was kind to us warm and sunny , so i have decided to surprise Adnans kids the two crazy faces to take them out to the park , just to chill them out and release some overpowering activity, as it was Easter holiday. and they are driving all the family mad. i came into Adnans house and said ok boys are u ready to go for a fun day ,you should seeing the faces sparked with happiness, in seconds all ready and in the car ,adnan could not believe his eyes how quick they vanished out of the house,
we went into the park its quite huge ,alot of families out and kids , the park had great zoo, and donkey ride, and swings to, we spent over 4 hours ,me and adnan we kept the peace ,abdalla and malik where so happy and they forget about us been a round as they met some of their school friends to, run around and loved all the animals played football to, and it did cost us in the ends,
what made me laugh is how that malik the younger how devious he was while we buying them some ice cream, malik waited till Abdalla ordered his ice cream and then said to the lady can i have double please ,you should have seen my face ,was clever move Malik,

in the end we did had a great times and they really enjoy it we did to now they are asking when we are gonna do it a gain.ha ha
and the last week i had my PC crushed and thanx to Adnan we got up and running a gain, it took us two good hard working days .

just to put all in the picture yes who send me the lovely beautiful box of chocolate it was alibyan lady friend , who i did help her and supported her during bad times she went through, thank you ( I ) i really did love the chocolate, and appreciate your thoughts, even it was a surprise u never told me , so Dr Maya it was not April fool it meant to sent ha ha

Sunday, 23 March 2008

The arrival of a surprise gift

salam all,

i do apologize for not been up dated lately , i had allot of comments from dear bloggers to get my act together and write a new post,just work had most of my times ,and i lost the touch ,
well i had a big shock surprise when i came home from work , the next day it was a knock on the door ,and this lady stood there, asking if that's my name and its my home address, i said yes , she said can you sign for this special delivery,
i try to find out who sent this parcel to me... it was no name no address on the box,of the sender, i looked at it and try to find out what it was, to my surprise when i opened it , it was a ma zing selection of chocolate the most adorable u love to eat it was (thorntons) selection ,
i said oh my god do i really deserve that, what have i done good for some to send me that ,i rung the company who deliver that to me to find out who send it, the answer was we do not give names out sorry pal,
i sat thinking ,how iam gonna find out the mystery sender, i called Adnan and try to say if it was a catch or a joke, he just laughed so iam sure it was not him , as it will be great if he bought it for his loving wife,
if it was an admirer please let ur self known ,i was awaiting a text or a fone call ,i can wait for ever,
iam still quite working on it to solve this great gift person,
so bloggers u can all pick ur favourite and i will send u some, before Adnan and his kids will attack it all ,
i really relish who send it, thank you who ever send it from the bottom of my heart

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

( The Snow Has Fallen in eastern Libya)

Salam All

today i recived this a mazing photo's shooting from a family friend from libya, i just could not believe my eyes the a mount of snow has fallen , with that thick .and a freezing temperature in this month of feb , wich spring around the coner soon. it was in places east of Benghazi. al; bidda, al maraj. al qooba, and dernna .

just i love to see the kids eyes and happiness to see such a white libyan places,

so i think it got every body by surprise, it will not be long before we become a hiliday skiing resort.

just hope peoples do not suffer the cold or any body been hurt,

but its so beautiful to see that over libya ,iam sure alot of snow lovers did enjoy the fall.

even here in england been realy so nippy and frosty weather with freezing fog making life so difficuilt

well regarding me, so far so good with the new job, inshallah its a chellange but thats how life is

so as u most know my matey Adnan been to libya, and yes he got my gedeed from my family and also a tastey bakallaoow witch i have attached some pics. as i promised Adnan i will treat him with a feast i kept my promise tonite we are cooking a typical libyan ammbakpapa ( pasta) with gedded to keep us warm and we are going to watch liverpool my favourite team playing to nite hope they will win.

it been a pleasure reading all ur blogs lately i do enjoy it alot ,

sorry Anglo -Libya u have not been invited ha ha

Thursday, 17 January 2008

( if it was you ,how would you have reacted?)

Marcus agius


i came cross this article .which i found rather very hard to swallow. and believe to happen,in such cheekiest ID theft ,
this crook gets a credit card in the Barclay's chief , and chairman,s name
he scammed the chairman,s out of 10000 pound ,by posting as the bank,s chairman.
in such an easy way ,he must be so sure of him self, he rung the call centre and has convinced the staff he was their boss Marcus Agius, surprise to him self , he order a new credit card to sent out, and went to a Barclay's branch and used it to withdraw 10000 pound.,how embarrassment it could be,
its remind me when Anglo-LY wrote about call centres, you are lucky Anglo it was not you.....
with all the security,issue ,and procedures, to fallow mistakes still can be made, but this one is a big mistake , or some body in the call centre who hates the chairman ha ha and try to get even ,
just wonder if this scam happened to a normal customer will they repaid the money straight away? as the chairman got his 10000 pound back in the same day.
so if you so rich be aware not to be a victim of a cheeky crook.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Goodbye 007 Hello 008

salam all

well iam back a gain sorry for not been up to the challenge ,
the 007 has passed , and now 008 started ,it was ups and down like every body else, but in general 007 was better then 006,
iam going to post about my xmas dinner and the new year party,
in xmas day i have been invited to a close family friend ,Marco and tracy who i have known for a while quite great family they have two lovely polite kids Amelia and Ben i went there about 1330 as i was working the day before, was all beautiful set up and as a respect for me was no pork or ham, what it was the biggest chicken i have never seen over 4kg ,it was there tracys mum and dad Allan and jane ,after we changed some xmas presents and cards ,we all set at the table and feed the empty stomachs, the cake was a home made for after tracys mums touches, well done jane,
as every xmas the queen has to give a speech at 330 pm , so i said to marco and tracy iam gonna play a game on Amelia ,they liked my idea, i said to Amelia if u set quite and listlen to her majesty the queen u might get a text messege frm her who knows , there she goes poor Amelia setting so quite and glowing into the TV listlening to every word and we have to keep quite all of us, after the queens speech finished here i go and texting Amelia mobile to say( hello Amelia this her majesty the queen i like to thank you for having the patience and listlening to me i wish you a very happy christmas )
u should see Amelia face was so bright and she run to her bed room telling her friends about the queens message to her, she will not tell us about it , we where in tears laughing.
then we played games ,had great times ,just i have to go back home as i was working next day, after two days Amelia find out the truth she realy hated me for that .but now where friends a gain
in the new year eve marco planned to take all the family to the caravan sight near the beach what acold nite ,so a gain all family went ,as they own two caravans in the sight, was alot of peoples food every where drinks u name it, disco ,the kids love it as it was peaceful place and safe to,at mid nite here the flares goes crackers lightings ,was so relaxing and fun, we all stayed up late.thats how i spent my holiday seasons
and a bout my new job which i started dec 007 , so far so good alhumdullah a lot of challeng, but i need fresh start , hope we all have a very happy 008 year and be healthy and safe ,