Saturday, 30 August 2008

( Malik birthday and wedding up date)

Salam all,

First I wish u all a Ramadan mobaark, its has been a while since I up dated a post .well day it was Adnan’s son malik 7th birthday , we had a surprise for him , a cake presents . and a day out with his mates to the cinema ,and then we took him out for a big meal ,a happy day for all family , the weather was great and sunny , me and Adnan we spent the day in town waiting for them , yes we did treat our selves as well, and we had good laugh .and the day was full of smiles . the kids now ready for school next week ,
Well about me and my big wedding day here we go, I arrived to Libya on the 12th of July with KLM, was great flight we arrived afternoon to Tripoli airport it was really hot ,it did hit me right on the face ,it was 45c I think, humidity was high too , the fatha was on the 14h July so I had 2 days to get the medical certificate for the fatha (HBS AG AND HIV-HCV with out it no the wedding contract will not take place or even be registered ,so I had to be up early on the 13th and taken to central hospital for blood samples .we went there and had it done .then be told result it will take week,wooooooooow as they are short of testing materials .what can I do now as all been arranged for that day 14th ,and the we had an idea we asked the mazoon if he will accept another place for test ,but he said no no, and my brother in law came to the rescue how about the Aviation and submarine centre at (amiteegha base) he said ok. We had to run and we know sompe great peoples there they rush me for injection so now I had my both arms been injected no blood left, I hold my wife responsible for that ,we got the second result on the evening thanks allah and the first one the centre blood hospital I found out my sister knows the wife of the manager there she rung her and explained all ,I been told it will be ready at noon to pick it up , so I got two clean results just in case one goes wrong . I will be ready to produce the right one ha ha
So u can see how did I struggled from the first day, as I can not re arrange every thing all my family in Tripoli the wedding reception been booked on the 19th so its all go go, alhamdullah all went ok in the end , the wedding was great fun every body was having great times adnan’s family where there to , they all try to take the Mickey out of me ,but I was having more fun then them . dancing singing and the surprise was the singing group was from Benghazi ,
Then we spent our first 3 days in the most beautiful hotel called( ancient zumit hotel ) in the old city town then we flown to Benghazi for 5 days to have another party and see friends and the rest of the family, places too.
We went to the British embassy to apply for my wife visa , all in order a part of the new catch 22 ( the henna) it must be wear off before she can be given the settlement visa . we used every think u can think of to get off , no way poor wife hands become an experiment for all kind of removal chemical do not work ,so I was so upset and left to be home alone as I have to go back to work soon, but that’s the fun of marriage and life
Well then after a week all was ok and she got the visa in two days, booked the flight on the 4th step as I said she can spend the first few days of Ramadan with her family , and sort her self out regarding work and other things .
I can smile now a gain on Thursday inshallah ,and hope we will spend the rest of our lives happy everafter,.the first Ramadan cooking gonna be my turned as surprise to the new pride, I wish u all from my wife and me a very peaceful Ramadan.