Wednesday, 21 November 2007

( New Achievement)

salam All
well as i came off work for few days we decided to have a go to refit a new carpet,and as i promised i will post about it ,and how things went good and bad ,shocking finding as we went along to remove the old carpet,and the hard work we done, removing all the furniture around to be ready for the carpet fitters to do the job quickly .it took us two good days .and the cleaning and sweeping ,what a fun we had, one of those funny things happened was found allot of wires lying around and it was like booby traps connected to the old security alarm system as if u walk into the up stairs the alarm will activate wooooooooow, that's why i was wondering why it was a switch close to my bed,now i know why,so we trace all the old wires and start dismantling them,suddenly we realised if we do then the whole new security alarm system will come halt, as we already cut the sensor to the front door stupid took a long time to fit a new wire as we took of from rite the end,then we try to test the system a gain as its takes 30 second to rest, no thing happened, we stood there like the blind leading the blind ,loosing hope,we decide to have a coffee and stop arguing whose at fault,then we said we forget some thing to do.we should open the door,set the alarm and then it will work,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.we just lough ed.
on Saturday the guys came and fit the new carpet,we celebrate by me cooking for my mate Adnan and watching football ,Italy and Scotland, i have posted the pics before and after the chaos,hope u all enjoy it


Sunday, 11 November 2007

( Is it the mercy of allah.or another day to live)

well its been a while since a posted some thing, busy with work and allot on my plat.
today i thought i well post some thing along the memory lane,
once i flow from abudhabi to Aden in ( Yemen) to do with work.i flow with the Yemenis air line a very old plane and not even clean in side.
as we where approaching the air port and ready to land it star to shake ,i had a prayer and said here we go.i never thought there the worst waiting to happen
as we touched down safely we all star to walk towards the immigration who they are setting in a wooden hut.suddenly it was a total black out in the airport and all the soldiers disperse,with all their guns the first thing came to my mind was a it was a total darkness it was me a Libyan , and two other guys one from USA and the other German.was panic all over the place, so i said to the two guys lets just hide in side the hut as if there is gonna be firing they will aim high,we where shaken and petrifying,then out of the blue the electricity came back,thank god,
as every body else movements in the go.we came out of hiding pale faces, stood in line for the immigration officer, what i noticed about his mouth was a ma zing so swollen i thought it was an deficiency, then most of the other sold ires look the same.then i found out what it was is they restored this kind of drug for days called(قات(ghat to give them extra energy and be a wake most times,
as they stamped my passport.they asked me to help them go through the back listed index to find out of those two guys are wanted wooooooow i was so scared to do so. they said Ur Libyan we trust u,luckily the two guys where clear .we all went to the hotel to rest after the shock,we had a lough.
but what would happen if the black out went while we are landing. only Allah knows that.
i find out not only men store the ghat women's to,they said it gives them extra drive specially for married once, good idea to spend the honeymoon in garden Aden
the place was full of Ravens birds which i hate.
but the funny thing and how as a Libyan been trusted while i was there i went with a friend to have his photo taken, and the guy said to me i know u? i said what he said we have Ur photo here, how come, surprise to me the Yemenis secret police have copied my passport photo, thanx for the trust,i said prove it, and yes it was my photo
i just can not wait to be out of Aden so quick.
then he tried to bribe be to eat habhab( watermelon)as they call it
AM very thank full to allah and his mercy, maybe it was awake up call for me
sorry its been along post,hope u all enjoy it.
Sal am

Saturday, 10 November 2007

A strong cup of coffee

Awarded by
adnan to dtd