Monday, 24 September 2007

( My sister stole My life)

While i was in scotland last time i came a cross this true story of two sisters who been grow up together, and came from a very respected family and up bringing, Linda the hard working wife and happly married,and Elaine who had broken marriege and alot of relationships.Elaine bought nine cars.five mobile fones,Plasma tvs-four-bedroom house all in her sister name , even her sister was strugling to have chilldern.all of this she stole her sister indentity, even her medical record so she can get a job at local care home, as she should not have with her criminal records,
all his cheating came by surprise to Linda as her sister missed one of the payments on a credit card. the four bed romms house was 250000 pound mortgage,
when Linda rung the credit company the wall start to crumbling down.and the worst could even by thretend Lind job as an accounting and her Licence suspended.and all family ruined by all this,and when Linda went to the Police been told her sister crime was not accually iLLegal.Linda has to wait six years for her credit rating to be cleard.even she never spent any of that money on her self,
looking to this sad story iwas wondering is it jeaously. hatred.revenge,envious specialy when its ur flesh and blood. i do not know if its ever happen to me for bidden.what i would react?????

Friday, 21 September 2007

MY Break of fasting today

hello all today i have been invited by my libyan family to share the aftar all together, me and my soul mate after Friday prayer ,we went to my house to see what we can come up with regarding wall papers or painting my bath,yesterday i was full of energy got up at 10 and straight away starting stripping the bath room ,do not ask me why maybe i was frustrated and want to get my anger off.i did not stop till about 5 in the evening got the job done fist stage ,i will post the pics soon b4 and was relay a hard work ,then i got down to cook aftar to,
my mate was so shocked how hard i worked,
then we drove to my libyan family house where the kids where waiting and laughing at us they think we where mahashasheen ....
we did break our fasting as u can see from the pics wt lovely food ,
so what do u think of my libyan family cooking???
happy Aftar to all

Tuesday, 11 September 2007