Tuesday, 3 June 2008

( The flight Booked ,and the Pride a waiting Anxiously)

Salam all
well you all hold your breath , and have a cold drink on me, open your eyes wide,and pray for me,the times has come ,and the counting down has began
yes its my big day soon it will be .the dusk till dawn going to tie the knot and kiss good bye to the single life ,what have i done ha ha
as you can see and how so kind and patient u been,
July here we come ,my future wife and i we got on really well, my family and her family knows each other quite well and goes back to,
lately i was busy with sopping shopping the pride orders never stop poor me and Adnan's i was in six's and seven's my head spinning like a ball,with Adnan's help and his wife to. we over come a lot of problems ,at last we got there in the end
just how happy we all will be in the big day, the most happy peoples will my mother and my wife mother to , my mum was a waiting for this happy day for a long time to see me caged up no way out.
all my family will be coming from Benghazi to Tripoli to be with us and share our happy moments and nit es , so Adnan's family who live in Tripoli will be there to take the mick and up date Adnan's live ha ha i am looking forward to our day , i shall have fun to why not,
its really great when u have a close friend to give u advice and be behind u as adnan's and family did,
we both lately having fun and i am saying what have i done?
Adnan's just laughing his way through and taken sweet revenge every day,he give me some few hints how life will be. ha ha
the suitcase is full and ready next time when i come of work got few days to sort the house out then flying away to the huge happy big day,
just wish my wife will get the visa in time so we can plan our mysterious honey moooooooooooooooon
me and my wife we got a lot in common , respect and share allot in life as ima not that type to live a grumpy life . i love happiness so let it be our destiny
so all my family blogger i need ur prayers and advice ,and thanx for Ur great support.