Saturday, 3 September 2011

who Am I ?

the days has passed ,  the nights have taken over my beauty sleep, the mind was in no body's land, my dreams   became confused , the golden of libyan beaches calling for me  from a far reach, the soul  was given up , before the true dreams, in and out of libya there is where i belong, there is my mum face live in al ahrar tv, was shocked and propud ,to see here face and how leading the up rising  with her walking stick, here is comes the mention of my late father  martyr  name tears of happiness slide cross the cheek, then comes the news of my young nephew  been in the front lines of war zone, all of that i set and cry to be lucky and inspired  by such a given family who brought me up to be proud, to see our loving libya be re shine, we paid the price , blood and young lads, but libya still above all of us as a dignity and the rose of all year loving land ,victorious  we will be, thats the promise we shall all die for, it was in a rush, do forgive both of us,