Thursday, 12 July 2007

( The headache of the salesman)

I would like to start my first blog , by some thing relay doing my head in.
for the past few months i have been having allot of door to door salesman driving me mad and i nearly about to lose my patience, they all stand in the front door with a flashy ID .and none stop talking about some thing they try to sell or promote,and that's me standing listing to those idiots for a long time..and in the end i just say no thank you.then they get so upset and irritated,
even i got a sign on the window to state no (canvassers). when i do not open the door they knock on the window , and if no pleasure they knock on the door,
when u just came home to relax and chill.
it came into my mind this crazy idea of fitting a talking parking meter out side the front door.which if u like to sell or talk u must put money in the talking meter.
do you think that will solve my headache?and will deterrent them.
do not take the mick ladies and gents . i am a beginner.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

hi all

i just been trying hard to creat my blog. i must admit iam new to it, pls take easy on me ha ha,