Tuesday, 8 April 2008

( a family day outing )

Ahllan All

last week the weather was kind to us warm and sunny , so i have decided to surprise Adnans kids the two crazy faces to take them out to the park , just to chill them out and release some overpowering activity, as it was Easter holiday. and they are driving all the family mad. i came into Adnans house and said ok boys are u ready to go for a fun day ,you should seeing the faces sparked with happiness, in seconds all ready and in the car ,adnan could not believe his eyes how quick they vanished out of the house,
we went into the park its quite huge ,alot of families out and kids , the park had great zoo, and donkey ride, and swings to, we spent over 4 hours ,me and adnan we kept the peace ,abdalla and malik where so happy and they forget about us been a round as they met some of their school friends to, run around and loved all the animals played football to, and it did cost us in the ends,
what made me laugh is how that malik the younger how devious he was while we buying them some ice cream, malik waited till Abdalla ordered his ice cream and then said to the lady can i have double please ,you should have seen my face ,was clever move Malik,

in the end we did had a great times and they really enjoy it we did to now they are asking when we are gonna do it a gain.ha ha
and the last week i had my PC crushed and thanx to Adnan we got up and running a gain, it took us two good hard working days .

just to put all in the picture yes who send me the lovely beautiful box of chocolate it was alibyan lady friend , who i did help her and supported her during bad times she went through, thank you ( I ) i really did love the chocolate, and appreciate your thoughts, even it was a surprise u never told me , so Dr Maya it was not April fool it meant to sent ha ha