Tuesday, 9 October 2007

( happy eid to all )

Salaam to all

i would like to wish you all a very happy Eid , hope it will bring us happiness and cheer.
iam very thankful for ur support and inspiration u have given me during the month of Ramadan , u made me feel so close to home,
the reason i am posting this early as i am back to work tomorrow ,i will be missing sharing the smiles of eid wt u,
please do not forget me of Ur assida or fathiraa, as i do love assida allot ha ha,
best wishes to all.


Monday, 1 October 2007

( The headache is over)

salam all ,

well as i promised i will up date regarding the work i been doing lately decorating my bath room which took me few days to finish,and spending late nit es ,i think i have achieved most of it , i would like to pay great respect to my soul mate libyan hero he really was great, we spent funny times arguing most days ,while fasting and sweating to, but comes Aftar the story changed happy faces a gain smiles do last long ha ha .tonight after Aftar we decided its gonna be the grand opening,we just finished now thank god.as Anglo libyan ordered me to up date, so hey we are.
i would like u all to share my only EID present ,
i have attached pics b4 completed and after been done
do u think we have passed the test.