Thursday, 10 July 2008

(Few days into entering The Golden Cage )

salam all ,

well things been going as planned ,regarding the wedding , the most headache is over which is the shopping and the list to go with it, just kept coming on and on ,every day is more to add, i was going crazy as work was getting on top of me to, i finished work on 09.07 to get ready and get things on prospective .house to be cleaned , car to be looked after, out standing bills to be paid ,wedding suits to be bought, family presents to, my dearest wife special needs . crystal flowers to pick up .

so today it was the last day of shopping .me and Adnan we had enough we just arguing all times , so i bought two wedding suits just in case , what i did get from Adnan is that iam marrying two wives ha ha nice one dream on matey,

so in the end we went back to my house and we decided to have all healthy food. sea foods and nice tasty salad , to celebrate Adnan's good news that his blood pressure been high , but now it's back to normal level alhamdullah , maybe because he is gonna miss me for a while ha has, or he is saying good riddance DTD ,

i have already flew my mother last week to be in Tripoli and the rest of the family will follow . i will fly on Saturday inshallah ,

i thank you all my dearest blogger for your highly appreciated support,

i will up date with my wife when we get back inshallah

take care all . i will think of u all on my big happy day,