Sunday, 23 March 2008

The arrival of a surprise gift

salam all,

i do apologize for not been up dated lately , i had allot of comments from dear bloggers to get my act together and write a new post,just work had most of my times ,and i lost the touch ,
well i had a big shock surprise when i came home from work , the next day it was a knock on the door ,and this lady stood there, asking if that's my name and its my home address, i said yes , she said can you sign for this special delivery,
i try to find out who sent this parcel to me... it was no name no address on the box,of the sender, i looked at it and try to find out what it was, to my surprise when i opened it , it was a ma zing selection of chocolate the most adorable u love to eat it was (thorntons) selection ,
i said oh my god do i really deserve that, what have i done good for some to send me that ,i rung the company who deliver that to me to find out who send it, the answer was we do not give names out sorry pal,
i sat thinking ,how iam gonna find out the mystery sender, i called Adnan and try to say if it was a catch or a joke, he just laughed so iam sure it was not him , as it will be great if he bought it for his loving wife,
if it was an admirer please let ur self known ,i was awaiting a text or a fone call ,i can wait for ever,
iam still quite working on it to solve this great gift person,
so bloggers u can all pick ur favourite and i will send u some, before Adnan and his kids will attack it all ,
i really relish who send it, thank you who ever send it from the bottom of my heart