Tuesday, 19 February 2008

( The Snow Has Fallen in eastern Libya)

Salam All

today i recived this a mazing photo's shooting from a family friend from libya, i just could not believe my eyes the a mount of snow has fallen , with that thick .and a freezing temperature in this month of feb , wich spring around the coner soon. it was in places east of Benghazi. al; bidda, al maraj. al qooba, and dernna .

just i love to see the kids eyes and happiness to see such a white libyan places,

so i think it got every body by surprise, it will not be long before we become a hiliday skiing resort.

just hope peoples do not suffer the cold or any body been hurt,

but its so beautiful to see that over libya ,iam sure alot of snow lovers did enjoy the fall.

even here in england been realy so nippy and frosty weather with freezing fog making life so difficuilt

well regarding me, so far so good with the new job, inshallah its a chellange but thats how life is

so as u most know my matey Adnan been to libya, and yes he got my gedeed from my family and also a tastey bakallaoow witch i have attached some pics. as i promised Adnan i will treat him with a feast i kept my promise tonite we are cooking a typical libyan ammbakpapa ( pasta) with gedded to keep us warm and we are going to watch liverpool my favourite team playing to nite hope they will win.

it been a pleasure reading all ur blogs lately i do enjoy it alot ,

sorry Anglo -Libya u have not been invited ha ha