Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The challenge of life, and the beauty of revenge

Salam all,
The time has come and the sky became clear and blue, and the heat of the BBQ made the words flow ,
It has been quite a long time I have been upsent of the blogs sphare ,but I kept flowing and reading all your blogs , some of us left and vanished , some of us lost the love once ,
I went through a shock in my life ,regarding my job, as I came back from libya on july 2008 jusr newly married looking forward into a new challenge of happy life, I had a fone call at amsterdam airport from my previous company if I am ready to re join them back . not knowing to me the copmany iam working with had already decided to determenait my contract , when I arrived home I had a message in the house fone to telephone the head office , how do they know I was arriving in that day I do not know? I went for the meeting and I been told I have been no longer working with them, the reason was given to me that I was in one year trail period . that’s so strange as it was not in my contract of employments . I even found out I never had a contract signed,
So I was out of work from august till December 2008. But I had agency work I was happy that way, but not perminet work. Plus the travel I have to do , and away from home,
The reason they employed me was to get there job done and use my experince to gain conoco Phillips’s trust, so I was been used as scape goat.
My wife was saying she is brought me a bad luck , as we just got married I said listen honey u could be the best great luck for me, and I was right , she is
So I did challenged them through the legal prosses all the way and I did won my case, I can see how anglo – libya felt when he lost his job,
Then the revenge came on from the previous company I worked for before, playing games if I still intresting to rejoin them, I said its up to u , I will be happy to do so, but they kept me waiting till they got stuck and offer me the job, I said the devil u know better then the once u do not know , so as they say revenge is a disch served cold ,
So the copmany I am working with now they highly think of me and give me great respect, maybe that’ was the break I needed,
Regarding my married life we both realy very happy and getting on great, I went for a course to newcasle for a week last month and my wife did enjoyed the spending money and shopping there ,now we are loving the heat waves ,hope it will last ,